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Terms & Conditions

By signing up to our classes via Class4Kids you are giving Class Act Theatrix the following authorisation:

- I give permission for my child to feature in photos/videos on CAT website & social media. (Please email us if this child cannot be in photos/videos)

- Once signed up, payment will be taken each month on the 1st. This is over all 12 months and will be the same amount regardless of classes held that month. The cost is averaged out over the 12 months to make payments easily understandable.

- Each month you will be debited the same amount regardless of classes attended as it is a calculated average over the academic year.

- I agree that if I sign up after my free trial, I will pay the annual CAT Membership fee. All children must join CAT Membership which covers a small percentage of the additional insurance we have for each child. The cost is an annual fee of £12 and is to be taken in October every year. If you join in the Autumn term, this fee is also £12. If you join in the Spring or Summer term, this fee is a reduced £8 which will cover until the next October payment is due.

- I agree to give Class Act Theatrix a full terms notice before cancellation of any classes by emailing

- In case of an emergency I give permission for my child to be given first aid/treatment in hospital. 

- I agree to be contacted for information/marketing purposes. To unsubscribe to emails, please contact


For all term dates, please see our website or for further information please contact

*Last updated 01/09/21*

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