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Our Testimonials


Student Parent

"My daughter was so shy and only sang in her bedroom, Class Act Theatrix has brought her right out of her shell. She now sings in theatres and she loves every minute of it.

She has made so many friends and the teachers are so lovely.

When you see your child at the theatre performing, your heart just bursts with pride. Take it from me and let your child try it, I’m so glad mine did!"


Student Parent

"My daughter has been attending Class Act Theatrix for a few years now, and I can't speak highly enough of it! She is now in three or four different classes and really looks forward to going. It's her home from home. Her singing, dancing and acting skills have really improved, but most importantly, her confidence is sky high!
There is an infectious culture of kindness and encouragement amongst all the staff and kids that attend.
Highly recommended!"


Student Parent

"My child started at Class Act Theatrix a few weeks after it first started and over those years there are not enough ways to thank the Class Act Theatrix staff for the confidence they give to my child and the joy he gets from them. For my child who has various physical and learning disabilities and anxiety, they have been his salvation. His confidence and self esteem have soared. Every single staff member radiates positivity and this just naturally seeps through to the children. It's also been a brilliant learning experience with his singing journey. He's learning techniques and disciplines that really take his singing to another level and has recently passed his exam with distinction. As a family we all think that sending H to Class Act Theatrix was one of the best things we did for him."



"I have been coming here for 3 and a half years and it is amazing and fun. The teachers are very nice and super talented! I do acting, singing and dancing and all of them are really fun to do. I learn a lot of things from them and it has improved my confidence. With Class Act Theatrix, I have taken part in shows in the Alexandra Theatre and the Crescent Theatre, as well as many end of term performances. I would highly recommend it to everyone."

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