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Our Code of Conduct


• Arrive on time with all the equipment needed for the lesson
• Wear full CAT uniform to all Academy sessions
• Must be punctual
• Each class bring any scripts, songs etc in a folder with a pencil
• Listen in silence when the teacher is giving instructions
• Follow instructions promptly and accurately
• Raise a hand to gain attention and only speak when invited to;
• Stay in the allocated seat or workspace unless given permission to move
• Treat others with respect and consideration at all times.”Caring and thoughtful’
• Pupils are required to dress cleanly and neatly in the specified uniform or other clothing/costume, as specified for  practical work.
• Pupils must obey all Health and Safety regulations in classrooms and around the school, including helping to keep the school site clear of litter and moving sensibly and calmly around the buildings and grounds.
• Pupils should never make racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic or other abusive or humiliating remarks.
• Pupils must never resort to physical violence.
• Pupils must avoid behaviour that disturbs or distracts others.
• In circumstances where a pupil has failed to meet the above expectations of the school, CAT has sanctions in place  to tackle the unacceptable behaviour.

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