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About Payments


The following applies for all weekly CAT classes on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays during term time.

This has been securely created through a company called ‘Class4Kids’ and will be easy and simple to set up. After your trial, you will receive a link sent via email where you can sign up. On the first day of each month you will receive an email to state the amount that will be taken from your account, giving you 3 working days’ notice before the money is debited on the 4th/5th of each month.


Once you sign up to us on Class4Kids, our bookkeeper will set up  the fees and you'll receive a confirmation email saying the amount and dates.

CAT Membership
All children must join CAT Membership which covers a small percentage of the additional insurance we have for each child. The cost is an annual fee of £12 and is taken each October via Class4Kids.

PLEASE NOTE – All private classes are to continue being paid for in cash. For any holiday workshops, the payment is still by BACS/cash.

ALL classes must be paid in advance please.

We require 1 full terms notice in writing should your child decide to leave ANY of the classes. THESE CONDITIONS APPLY TO ALL PERFORMANCE ACADEMY STUDENTS. If you have any accounts queries, please email us at


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