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Our Staff

Adawa is one of our amazing assistants and is our main assistant for our Workshops. Adawa specialises as a vocalist and loves leading a good old drama game! Adawa is currently studying her Second year at University of Liverpool and will be joining us for our Workshops and throughout the term whenever she can.

Adawa Awanayah
Head Assistant

Sophie Monnington
Bfourteen Assistant

Sophie is currently in her Second year at BOA, after being a CAT Student for over past 3 years. Since training with us, Sophie has gone on to sing in the Birmingham Philharmonic Orchestra's concert and sang with other CAT Students at Kerry Ellis' Birmingham leg of her tour. 

Meghan Harper
CAT Cover Assistant

Meghan is one of our older students and has been with us for many years. Having been performing since such a young age it only seemed right for Meghan's next step to be joining our staffing team at CAT. Although only young, Meghan has a wonderful work ethic and an INCREDIBLE voice!!

Meghan is currently part of young performance group, The D-Day Juniors, whom you may have seen on Britain's Got Takent in 2020.

Layla Grace Quaid
CAT TROOP & Juniors Assistant

Our youngest assistant, Layla is only in year 10 but already has years of experience on the stage. Layla has been dancing for almost 10 years and has since made her professional debut in the original cast of 'Nativity!' Since then, Layla attended Italia Conti Juniors and now studies Musical Theatre at BOA. Keep your eyes open, Layla is one to watch!

Layla was also part of the dance troop 'ACROCADABRA!' who were finalists in 2019's Britain's Got Talent.

Sydney Shemsin
CAT Friday Minis Assistant

Sydney is currently in her first year of University. Sydney has been with us as an assistant for the past two years and has been an enormous help to us all. With a background in Dance, Sydney is no stranger to the stage. We love having Syd as part of our dream team.

Georgie Jones

CAT Saturday Intermediates Assistant

Georgie was once a Student at Class Act when we first opened up. Since then, Georgie has become one of our phenomenal assistants. With an extreme talent for singing, Georgie can always be relied on to help with any vocal questions you may have. We love having Georgie as one of our amazing assistants.

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